Closing Time


It’s been three months since my last post and I’d like to say I feel bad about that, but I don’t. Over the past year, blogging and taking pictures (other than vendors) has taken a back seat as I have focused on growing my store and managing another. My creating has been a wonderful distraction this past year as I have been dealing with some heavy RL stuff. Mesh continues to challenge me and I have really enjoyed being on the creator side of things. You can blame Gos for pushing me so hard to learn 😉

Rather than have a random post being my final post, I wanted to end things right. Blogging opened up a whole new world of creativity and has introduced me to some absolutely amazing people who I am honored to call friends.

Thank you so much to all of my visitors over the past years. Especially if you’re reading now after several months of quiet! I hope that you have enjoyed the randomness as much as I have.

I also would like to thank all of the creators who have shared their talents with SL. Without their wonderful creations, I would never have had a reason to start blogging. Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and in many cases, your friendship.

Simply Stylish will stay as-is, but will no longer be updated.  If you want to see what I’m up to in the future, check out my flickr or store blog.

To quote the song whose title I have used for this final post: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”.

<3 Cae