Self PortraitSimply Stylish is about mixing old and new, ready to wear with haute couture and sometimes just being silly. Simply Stylish fashion is timeless, wearable and exudes class while being subtly sexy. Showcasing many of the fantastic creations of the Second Life community, Simply Stylish features fashion, home decor, places, and my attempts at photography.

I’ve been in Second Life since December 2007. What was originally a project for my RL job has turned into over four years of ups and downs in this amazing world. Once I figured out how to get off of Orientation Island, it didn’t take me long to discover the amazing world of fashion that SL has to offer and I was soon wandering the grid rocking the awesome creations of Ginny Talamasca at Last Call, Elika Tiramisu at ETD and a Celestial Studios skin by Starley Therian. Over the past four years, the grid has seen some amazing designers come and go, leaving behind their fashion treasures, which if you’re lucky, you’ve saved a few of their timeless creations. Hair, skins and clothing have come a long way since 2007 as the designers have honed their talents and continue to do so. First, it was the sculpted prim. Now with the introduction and acceptance (albeit slow) of mesh this past fall the possibilities are almost limitless. It really is an amazing place to be.

In a world where we can do and be anything, SL fashion (aka shopping) has always been a constant for me. I’ve been a store manager, CSR, a hostess, a Club Manager, an Estate Manager, a Club Owner, an Estate Owner, a Landscaper, a horse breeder – all while stylishly dressed. I’ve given in to my love of SL’s amazing content creators.

These days I spend the majority of my time in SL creating mesh jewelry for my store Cae and being store manager and skin-matching extraordinaire at Gos Boutique.


❤ Cae